Customer Service Policy

This Policy

This policy explains how:

- you, the clients, will receive notifications from us; and

- how quickly we will respond to your orders.

We will always aim to provide high quality services and to provide a high standard of client service.

We recognise however that sometimes we may not get things right and as such, it is important that you can raise any issues or complaints with us.  Please refer to our complaints policy if you wish to raise a complaint relating to the customer service you have received.

Contacting Us

You can contact us directly through several methods:


If you wish to email us directly, you can contact us for general information at  If you are contacting us regarding an existing order, please email quoting your order reference number.


You can call us directly on our main telephone number: +44 1234 672124

Contact Us Form

You can use our online form to contact us through our website, at:

Response Times

After contacting us we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.  In all cases we will respond within 5 working days.

How to Place an Order

You can place an order with us for products or services through the following methods:

Online Store

We operate a store front directly on our website for products and services that can be purchased with limited additional information or consultation.  Our aim is to provide the correct product or service for your needs and sometimes this may not be the correct approach for a complex service.

Contact Us Form

We provide a contact form on our website where you can easily request additional information about a product or service that you may be interested in.

Virtual Meeting

We can offer a video chat consultation via Microsoft Teams, or other mechanism to allow you to provide additional information to help us advise you of the most appropriate products or services you may require.


You can arrange for a telephone consultation to arrange the products or services that we offer that are appropriate for your business.


You can make requests for products or services through emailing  We will respond to your request for information, and we may then request a follow-up consultation by other means for additional information.

In Person

You can request an in-person consultation where we will meet with you directly to discuss your specific requirements. Your geographic location may make this option impractical.

What to Expect


After you have placed an order with us, you will receive a confirmation email from us immediately providing you with additional information relating to your order and when the products or services may be provided to you. We will then proceed with the delivery of your products or services, in accordance with the agreement made.


We will endeavour to complete your order as quickly as possible, but some services are time-driven and will take the agreed duration to complete.

For Nominet domain name orders, we will complete the registration within 1 hour.

For Microsoft licence orders, we will complete the registration within 1 hour if you are an existing customer placing additional licences into an existing subscription.  For new customers, this will take longer based on customer verification and consent steps that need to be completed.

For professional services, we will agree availability and duration of contract during our consultation meetings.

For combination orders, such as new Microsoft licence customers, who are also ordering Nominet domain names, the total delivery time will be dependent on the totality of work being completed and may result in delays of individual components while all work is progressed.


After we have completed all activities in your order, we will email you to notify you of the completion of your order, and where applicable, provide you with additional information such as login information.


In accordance with Distance Selling Regulations, for orders that are placed remotely, you have the right to cancel your order within 14 days of the time of receiving the product or service.

You must notify us by email to to raise a cancellation request under Distance Selling Regulations, stating your order number and full name.